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We make machines that rapidly produces customized stabilizers. These stabilizers interface with medical devices to precisely position the patient and eliminate motion.

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About our solution

Our stabilizers are a comfortable, fast, and simple way to eliminate patient motion and establish precise positioning.

These stabilizers, or “cases”, are made of a stiff and comfortable foam. The outside precisely couples with a medical device, such as an MRI scanner or radiotherapy machine. The inside is automatically designed to fit the patient’s individual anatomy. The case is then rapidly fabricated from a foam blank using a Caseforge high speed milling machine.

Custom-designed cases provide excellent comfort while eliminating motion and precisely positioning the patient inside the medical device.


James Gao

PhD in Vision Science from UC Berkeley, James has made groundbreaking contributions in visualization and instrumentation of functional MRI. As CEO of Caseforge he leads development and commercialization efforts.

Alex Huth

PhD in Neuroscience from UC Berkeley and MS in Computation and Neural Systems from Caltech, Alex brings expertise in MRI research and computational modeling, as well as former startup experience. As CTO of CaseForge he oversees the development of computational tools for automatically designing and manufacturing Caseforge products.

Young Park

MBA candidate at the Haas School of Business and BA in Molecular Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, Young brings experience in commercializing new drug products, strategic planning, and business development. As COO of CaseForge he leads the business operations at the company.

Jack Gallant

Chancellor's Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley and an affiliate with Neuroscience and Computer Science, Jack is a leading expert in computational and cognitive neuroscience. He uses sophisticated computational techniques to improve both the science and the instrumentation of neuroimaging. He is an advisor to the Caseforge team.

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